Harvest Finance has completed one year. They have an anniversary competition.

Win $FARM by taking part in #HarvestBirthday Creativity Contest

Rewards — Prize Pool: $3900 in FARM

Just in case you aren’t familiar with Harvest Finance. Some of the achievements of the last 12 months include:

Harvest’s governance token is — $FARM ($207)

My entry for the competition -

The reason for writing this article is to collect this once-in-a-lifetime textbook case of white-hat hacking in my memoirs before it gets lost in the digital deluge.

For the uninitiated -

10th August 2021 — Poly Network tweeted this -

What followed was a series of tweets explaining the extent of loss and the addresses orchestrating the hack. The money lost was in tunes of $611 Million

This Ethereum Address had the biggest hack money ever! Only through these images you can sense the gravity of the situation!

This hack was monumental and had the power…

ETH went live on 30th July, 2015. Our beloved ETHEREUM has turned 6.

Wikipedia defines Ethereum as

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Ether (ETH or Ξ) is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. After Bitcoin, it is the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Ethereum is the most actively used blockchain

Since its launch, we have seen the price increase exponentially.

[Image Source : Facebook]

If someone would have bought on its first birthday i.e. 2016 @ $12 and hodl ETHER till today i.e. 2021 @ $2350 . …

For the uninitiated, a photo contest Harvest Finance organized with the rewards of $50 for top 20 entries.

The problem statement was simple. Write Harvest Finance on piece of paper and click a photo with interesting background, using the #humbleFarmer

Before submitting my post i just followed the hashtag. Multiple people have submitted a photo with a backdrop of nature. That’s pretty cool and kind of intuitive.

Harvest Finance + Tractor Logo + Humble Farmer + FARM token = = NATURE is winning answer ?

We all are hard-wired to think on the same lines.

Wrong ! It…

So to hit it off. I am not talking about the Crypto Loans service where the user puts his digital assets as collaterals in exchange of loan in FIAT currency. No! Nope this service already Binance , Celsius , Nexo provides.

I am talking about these

Crypto Lending Kucoin

Airdrop is a marketing activity done by a new project team to distribute their coins/tokens amongst their “followers” for certain tasks.

The idea is if I obtain new coins for free then I would indulge in trading.

What kind of Tasks?
Subscribing to project’s newsletter, joining their social media channels. Whitelist for their token sales, give a negligible seed fund, etc.

How much Amount are we talking about?

Let’s understand NFT with help of an example

Suppose as a kid you attended the first book reading of Harry Potter in London in 1997 and JK Rowling gave you a signed first copy.

IPO is an instrument for the company to raise money by listing in the market. An IPO application is generally for 3-day period. Minimum investment for any IPO is ~15K for retail individual investors(RII) users(investing less than 2 Lakhs)

How do I evaluate an IPO (purely with short term perspective i.e. Listing Gains) ?

Let’s say we have a company listing next week — XYZ Ltd

The year was 2013 when I had come home for my first Summer Break from the Engineering College. There wasn’t much to do in the home apart from loitering around and social media. It was then that my father thought let’s give some work to this 21-year old to engage him. That’s when I first time saw a stack of 300+ colourful papers of different sizes and shapes. They all were perforated from one side so it can be accommodated and stacked in a file folder. All of these papers bore a brand of a legal entity. …

Arpit Agarwal

MBA in Marketing. Love for Personal Finance.

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